Applications have now closed.

NEXTCROP/2020 is a professional and personal development program, aimed at sugar cane growers and designed to create a network of confident, committed future leaders for the Australian Sugar Industry.  To explore the program more fully, check out our Q&A page.

Funded and coordinated by Sugar Research Australia the NEXTCROP/2020 program is offered to applicants with

open, creative, inquisitive minds who may already be demonstrating leadership potential.

NEXTCROP/2020 is the second time this program has been offered, with the first alumni group completing the program in 2019. Successful participants will be joining the growing ranks of NEXTCROP leaders rising up in our industry. Only a small group will be selected and funded to undertake this exceptional leadership training program in 2020. Will you be one of them? APPLY NOW to find out.


Michael O'Shea

07 3331 3333

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